Working for an art provider in Nanjing has many perks.

We provide full time staff with some of the best benefits in China, Every year we are ranked as one of the top places to work in the region, and have attracted some of the best talents in the game arts industry.

At ADIA, our multi-national staff lives in a diverse atmosphere. We welcome those who enjoy solving problems and taking on creative projects with world-class high standards.

Please send your CV to
We look forward to working with you.


Do I need to speak English/Japanese/Korean?

Most of our senior staff and project management are fluent in the language used by customers of their region. Almost all the software and technical workflows are in English. It’s very highly recommended to have strong language skills.

How is living in Nanjing?

70% of our staff is from out of town. Nanjing is very much like Shanghai, a 1st-tier city in China with high-tech public transportation, internationally-supplied megastores (Sam’s Club, IKEA, and METRO), and all the first-world amenities you can imagine. Our staff have chosen Nanjing as it’s one of the most comfortable cities in the country for easy living.

What if I don't have games industry experience?

We have hired artists and technical staff from all corners of the world from many different walks of life. However senior & supervisor levels must have at least 7+ years of games industry experience in production or project management. Occasionally there are internships for marketing jobs — please contact our HR for details.

Can ADIA help foreigners (non-Chinese) relocate to Nanjing?

Absolutely! Please contact our HR for details. We are keen to work games industry professionals from all over the world.



Strong communication skills in Chinese and English/Japanese/Korean. Must be detailed-oriented and organized. PMP certification and experience with version history tools such as Perforce, Shotgun, JIRA, and Hansoft are highly valued.

Global BD (English/Japanese/Korean)

Must have good account management and marketing skills. We look for familiarity with game development process and prioritize those who can work independently, and have experience working with different time zones.

Art Director/Manager

Must have experience with digital art production and game development, as well as being a strong communicator. We highly value those with a specialization, such a certain style or discipline of art production.

Technical Artist

Looking for an artist with technical know-how, having solid engine experience in UE4 or Unity, or any AAA proprietary engine. Experience in Substance Designer, custom shaders, as well as C# and Python are prioritized.


Game development experience in multiple game engines Unity, UE4, or any proprietary engine is a huge plus. Looking for programmers who can engine logic as well as automation for game art production. C#, C++, Java, Javascript, and Python.

Concept Artist

Digital painter or an analogue painter with strong desire to join the games industry. We high value those who have worked in art production for games, such as concept art for modeling, illustration assets, or animated sprites.

3D Model & Texture Artist

We highly favor artists who can take ownership of an entire asset, from high poly to texture, to fastidious integration of asset into engine. Please in your portfolio provide samples of well-optimized meshes. Substance Designer & Painter experience preferred.

3D Animator & Rigger

Must have good IK know-how in Maya, 3DS Max, or Motionbuilder. Experience working with game animation, cutscenes, multi-character interactive scenes, and integrating animation to engine is highly valued. Please submit portfolio.

Level Artist

Looking for artists who can take ownership of a whole scene, and work with our engine programmers on optimization. Experience with default and custom shaders in Unity, UE4, and proprietary engines is highly valued.

QA / Assistant PM

Must have experience with 3D software packages and some engine experience is preferred. Those familiar with version history and stack management tools are highly valued. We are looking for individuals with a keen eye for bugs.