"Art production, a lifestyle transcending borders."

ADIA was founded in 2007 by veteran art director and outsourcing manager Yaming Di, with team of artists already honed in the rigorous pipeline demands of large-scale MMOs and AAA from day one.

Today, ADIA is recognized in China as one of the top places to work at, and ranked among the highest in the international games industry for our quality, professionalism, and reliability. We pride ourselves in achieving international standards for our work environment, while attracting some of best art & production management talents in the business.


The mythical man-day is just a unit. We measure efficiency by how smart we are working, and whether the best approach is applied.


There are art houses, and then there are production studios. As a veteran studio we are always sensitive our role in the development process.

Love & Joy

We operate on the philosophy that the longevity of a company is built on a healthy lifestyle. Working hard should be an enriching experience.

Bruce Long

Studio Director

Jason Li

Sr. Art Director

Wendy Cao

Vice President

Carl Chen

Sr. Art Director

Yaming Di

President & CEO

Myra Xu

Sr. Producer

Dee Hu

HR Director

Joyce Zhou

Sr. Producer

Matthew Dai

Director of Development

Danny Li

Sr. Art Director

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